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Company: learning to create
Lai4d Systems is an engineering and consulting company focused on R&D in several technological fields. We currently work in areas like custom technical software, artificial intelligence applied to engineering or web tools for science and 3D spatial data management. Clients needing special productivity solutions or having singular requirements for web design can find in Lai4d Systems an agile and reliable partner.
Our main technologies have been developed from the ground avoiding as much as possible dependencies on third party products. This experience allows us to face unconventional problems where knowledge and creativity are the key questions. At the same time unexpected challenges of complex projects can be responded faster thanks to the full control over the critical elements.

To be creators is part of our philosophy.

Web Technica: for remarkable web sites
Despite their importance, the truth is that functionality of most web sites is no more than a mixture of texts, multimedia and database interfaces. Web Technica is a set of technologies and programming strategies designed to create evolved web sites providing:
  • Solid 3D support for enabling the management of geometrical data exploiting the native capabilities of web browsers, it is to say, without external plugins.
  • A framework to develop advanced applications establishing new relationships with users and offering a renewed kind of interaction.
  • A fluid design for a better user experience in different devices and a modern look thanks to the availability of sophisticated visual effects.
Either a new project or an already existent web site, we have the resources to make it very special. More about Web Technica

Consulting: the methodology of art
Technologies like Web Technica or LAI4D have been developed to build advanced web functionalities and to satisfy unconventional needs. These tools are powerful although an efficient management of this power demands experience. Our consulting services will help clients to identify the key points where those technologies should be applied as well as to configure their correct integration customizing them if necessary.

But we conceive consulting with a thinking strategy technologically agnostic and not constrained to specific products. Lai4d Systems' methodology understands the artistic nature of innovation processes whose success depends more on creativity than on erudition. Either a cognitive tool or an exclusive web design, or even challenges outside the scope of our knowledge, all consulting projects will be faced with an open mind and trying to discover the underlying science of problems regardless of the technological context.

Cognitive solutions: what not only humans can do
Vision is one of the most fascinating senses due to its complexity. Many common tasks in our works mainly depend on visual perception capabilities. To count the elements in a picture with specific color and shape characteristics, or to check topological rules of geometric entities in a drawing can be examples of such tasks. Advances in artificial intelligence are offering every day more and more tools that allow to perform this kind of cognitive processes through computers enhancing the productivity and minimizing the consequences of human mistakes. But the application of these technologies faces two main obstacles: in one hand the difficulties for identifying in what situations these tools can be used, and in the other hand the difficulties for finding already working applications suitable for the very specific requirements of those situations.

To save those obstacles Lai4d Systems can provide consulting and development services for creating cognitive software solutions customized according to the client circumstances. These projects can be carried out regardless of the technological environment of the client since Lai4d Systems uses its own experience and "know how" for creating the necessary tools. laboratory of artificial intelligence for design
LAI4D is a project whose aim is to develop and experiment artificial intelligence based technologies applicable to design processes. As a result of this research it has been implemented a pioneer tool able to interpret sketches of three-dimensional shapes. This sketch interpreter is integrated in a free 3D CAD application for the Internet allowing to explore and edit 3D drawings in web pages without the need of plugins.
The LAI4D designer is the drawing tool for the people without the time to learn the usage of a professional CAD application and that need results in minutes. It will allow to create 3D drawings by writing the description of the geometries using a friendly language. Furthermore, the created drawings can be immediately shared through the Internet uploading them to the LAI4D server from the own widget. And if a more advanced usage is required, a rich command and graphic interface is also available.

Thanks to LAI4D and its really intuitive language, inexperience with CAD systems will be no more an obstacle to work with 3D geometries. More about LAI4D at

Philosophy: the complex algorithm of beauty
Excellence, innovation, quality... big differencing concepts, very easy-to-use words. To be different is a key objective in the demanding globalized market of today. But that kind of difference is not easy, is not simple, and is not immediate. To reach it we know it is necessary to abandon the area of comfort and conventionality entering into the world of very complex things. And when this border is trespassed failures appear. The systems come to such level of deviousness that, despite being an expert in the matter and having an exhaustive knowledge of a system, it is not possible to foresee with absolute certainty the consequences of a change in that system. Thus, to fulfill the promise of beauty in our works most of times does not depend on deterministic decisions but on a moldable evolution.

Following the custom of project management literature we could say that Disappointment ≈ Expectations - Requirements. To minimize it, in our relationship with clients a shared comprehension of complexity is crucial from the beginning. And for this reason our philosophy is no other than to work with expertise, methodology and perseverance.

More about Web Technica
Nowadays a company's web site has become into the most important connection with users and, therefore, it is a fundamental piece of the corporate image and brand strategy. Web presence and reputation plays an important role in how the company transmits their competitive effort to the customers. In such circumstances to have an exclusive web design is essential in order to make a difference.

Why Web Technica?
Psychological studies about perception show how sensations and emotional impulses can be stimulated through the use of specific colors or dynamic visual effects. This knowledge is frequently exploited by marketing departments when designing commercial strategies. Lai4d Systems also applies that knowledge when working in artistic projects taking advance of the power of Web Technica for implementing sophisticated graphic designs and visual effects which involve representations of physical phenomena or biologic processes. This kind of simulations are carefully configured in order to avoid overload of computing resources. To control those limits is very important because otherwise the resulting user experience could be the opposite to that one pursued.

But a web site can be much more than a marketing instrument. Improvements in personal computers and Internet browsers allow now a deeper involvement of web technologies in the production and administration activities of companies. Management of 3D geometric information or image capturing and processing could be integrated in the production pipe line in order to increase efficiency of certain logistic and engineering tasks. Using Web Technica, Lai4d Systems can develop advanced web applications according to client requirements exploiting those modern features. As an example, the LAI4D widget is another development of Lai4d Systems built over the same technologies that can be used as base application for implementing customized functionalities convenient for the client's industrial scenario.

For who?
Industrial or technological companies as well as scientific or cultural institutions can find in Web Technica the key for transmitting now their real innovative spirit that can barely be reflected by traditional web sites. Furthermore it is the opportunity to transform the site from a simple catalog into a rich platform independent application including new web tools for managing spatial data and many other features reserved for desktop environments until now. With this technology the concept of dynamic web acquires a new meaning because it is able to rationally exploit the latest native capabilities of web browsers.
And all this can be done without the need of demolishing the building. ERPs, CMSs, search engines, online shops... all previous functions will continue working in a web site that looks like a completely new one. And, if necessary, old behavior can be easily restored changing a configuration parameter. Indeed it has been thought as a layer with the idea of taking an existent web site to the next evolution step in a non-traumatic way preserving its structure. In this case it works as a software layer that surrounds the current content generating the new one that will be shown to the user. This feature is particularly advantageous for clients since they can update the base content of their sites without the need to update Web Technica.

How it works?
The implementation of Web Technica is a process consisting of the following main phases:
  1. Analysis: In close contact with the client's IT department, Lai4d Systems studies the structure and code of the web site to achieve a good understanding of what there is. As a result the project tasks can be planned and a work path is established.
  2. Adaptation: The web site, as it is, will probably need some adaptations before receiving the new software layer in order to work as expected. The more simple and static the original site is, the less adaptation effort will be necessary. Once this stage is finished several improvements could have been implemented but the web site still works much the same as before.
  3. Implementation: Now, according to the client requirements, the development of new functionalities begins and continues until reaching the desired scope. When the Web Technica layer is ready it is integrated and tested. The new software layer will transform on the fly the legacy content showing a modern look and offering a new set of useful and amazing capabilities.
When implementing Web Technica in a new web site the main difference is the fact that adaptation is unnecessary since the static content can be designed from the beginning considering the conditions of this technology.

Web Technica has been built over the Lai4d Systems' Iquix framework. Thanks to its power unusual functional and artistic requirements can be faced with greater success probability. Iquix is a proprietary JavaScript library that ranges 3D vector graphics, computational geometry, physical simulation, artificial intelligence, multi-thread execution as well as other more conventional functionalities. The rendering engine can work both with WebGL or canvas 2D contexts so the drawings can be displayed in any web browser even if the device is not WebGL enabled. One of the big concerns of complex software is the error handling strategy so it has been carefully designed in Iquix.

What is delivered?
The Web Technica layer is delivered as a pure HTML5 software component with a high degree of configurability that can even be completely disabled returning the web site to its previous status. The client's IT department can manage it as a black-box that processes the indicated content according to configuration. Custom design allows possible uses that go from punctual embedded content to a full transformation of the site. Contact Lai4d Systems and we will find out how to bring your ideas to live.

The team of Lai4d Systems is a multidisciplinary group of technologists, most of them with scientific background, led by the marine engineer Juan Andrés Hurtado.

Due to the type of projects we work in we prefer persons skilled both in mathematics and information technologies. But talent can be anywhere so, if you really think your knowledge and experience could be of use for our team then send us your CV to the email address Please indicate training, idioms, a summary of your experience and where do you live.

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